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Johann Weinmann Botanical Engravings of Exotic Plants (12)
Francois Martinet Bird Engraving depiocting a  Martin pecheur Madagascar and a  Martin pecheur de Pondecherry.
Francois Martinet Framed Bird Engravings, Set of Six.
Francois Martinet Bird Engravings, Set of Six.
Contemporary Feather Engravings, Pair, Milan, Italy.
Set of  Francois Nicolas Martinet Engravings of Birds,
Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux, (Twelve engravings).
François Nicolas Martinet Engraving of A Bird, Merle violet du Royaume de Juda, Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux.
François Nicolas Martinet Engravings of Birds,  Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux,, Set of Six,
William Conlon,
Johann Weinmann Set of Twelve Botanical Engravings with Plants in Pots,
Laddie John Dill Large Lithograph & Woodcut on Wove Paper.
Sea Shell Pair of Engravings by Niccolo Gualtieri, Engraved by Antonio Pazzi & Giuseppe Menabuoni, 1742.
Prints of Horses from L'art de monter a cheval: ou Description du manége moderne, dans sa perfection by Baron D'Eisenberg,
Prints of Horses By Baron D'Eisenberg,
Duck Decoy Print By Arthur Nevin- Redbreasted Merganser, Beach Haven, NJ. 1935
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