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Giovanni Battista Piranesi Massive Framed Etching of an Urn, Early 19th Century.
Botanical  Print of Aloe Africana Arborescens Floribus Albicantibus Fragrantissimis by Jan Commelin within Hand-made Faux Marble Frame, Circa 1697
Johann Weinmann Engravings of Sunflowers, #372 & 374, Circa 1737-45.
Johann Weinmann Engravings of Sunflowers, #371 & 373., Circa 1737-42.
Botanical Sunflower Engraving,  Solis flos Peruvianus & Solis flos maior by Michael Bernhard Valentini from Vividarium Reformatum seu Regnum Vegetable, Franfurt 1719
Johann Wilhelm Weinmann Engraving of The Aloe Plant -Aloe Africana serrata humilis folio, Circa 1737
Johann Wilhelm Weinmann Engraving of The Aloe Plant -Aloe Africana spinis rubris ornata, Circa 1742
Johann Wilhelm Weinmann Engravings of Aloe Plants, Circa 1737
Niccolò Gualtieri Engravings of Sea Shells,  Pair, Circa 1742
Set of Four Prints of Sea Shells by George Perry from Conchology, or the Natural History of Shells.  1811.
Engravings of Fish by Marcus Bloch, Circa 1780, (Two).
John Parkinson Seventeenth Century Botanical Prints.  One of Mosses and Lichen and the other of Ferns.  Dated 1629
French Stipple Engraving by Savigny of the Imperial Eagle, Description de l'Egypte. 1809-1813.
 Handcoloured Prints of Horses from L'art de monter a cheval: ou Description du manége moderne, dans sa perfection by Baron D'Eisenberg, Published in 1747.
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