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John Parkinson Seventeenth Century Botanical Prints.  One of Mosses and Lichen and the other of Ferns.  Dated 1629
French Stipple Engraving by Savigny of the Eastern Imperial Eagle, Description de l'Egypte. 1809-1813.
 Prints of Horses from L'art de monter a cheval: ou Description du manége moderne, dans sa perfection by Baron D'Eisenberg, Published in 1747.
Baron D'Eisenberg Set of Seven Horse & Dressage Riders, Published in 1747.
Dutch Botanical Engraving from Hortus Indicus Malabaricus by Rheede Tot Draakestein, Circa 1678-93.
Dutch Botanical Engraving from Hortus Indicus Malabaricus, Circa 1678-93.
German Lithograph of An Ancient Greek Vase, An Amphora, Plate VI  from the Folio Griechische Keramik by Albert Genick, Circa 1883
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