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British Sailor's Woolwork of Tower Bridge & The River Thames, Circa 1880
British Sailor's Woolie Woolwork of a Royal Navy Ship, Circa 1865-75.
Sailor's Woolwork Woolie of The Named Ship
Sailor's Woolwork Woolie of Two Royal Navy Ships in Rough Seas, Circa 1865-75.
Sailor's Farewell Woolwork Woolie, Circa 1875
French Royal Painted Silk Textile Portrait, Marie Thérèse of France, Eldest daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Titled Madame Duc.  Angoulême.
A Sailor's Woolwork of a Dutch Ship, Circa 1875-95.
Sailor's Woolwork (woolie) of a Ship of Large Size, Circa 1875-95.
Rare Sailor's Woolwork of a First Rate Battle Ship Being Towed by a Smaller Royal Navy Steamship, Circa 1865-75.
Large Sailor's Woolwork of British Ships off Land with a British Fort and Cannon, Circa 1865
English Sailor's Woolwork Picture of the Named St. Jean d' Arcre, 101 Guns, Circa 1860-70.
Rare Sailor's Woolwork of Sailors and Companions Dancing, Circa 1865-75.
Sailor's Woolwork Large Picture of Five Royal Navy Battleships on Unusual Chevron Sea, late 19th Century
Sailor's Woolwork of Three Ships, One American, Circa 1865-75.
British Sailor's Woolwork Pictures (Pair) with Ship & Flags of Nations, Circa 1875.
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