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Stumpwork Textile Picture of a Dog's Head, Circa 1885.
Sailor's Woolie of H.M.S. Emerald Fully Dressed., Circa 1860.
Silk and Canvas Picture of a British Ship in American Waters, Dated 1901.
Sailor's Woolie of the Dominion, Circa 1890s.
Sailor's Large Woolwork Woolie Picture of a Ship, Circa 1875
Sailor's Woolwork Woolie Picture of the Royal Yacht, HMY Victoria and Albert II, Circa 1855-65.
British Sailor's Woolwork Picture (woolie) of a Ship, Circa 1865-75.
Ottoman Silkwork Large Textile Botanical Embroidery Depicting The Garden-like Setting of Heaven, Circa 1880.
Felt Shadowbox Picture of Strawberries, Circa1840
Woolwork Picture of An African Farm Scene, Circa 1880.
Sailor's Embroidered Woolwork Picture ofSubmarines- H.M.S. A1 and two others, Early 20th century.
Sailor's Emboidered Woolwork Picture of a Battleship with makers label
mid-20th century
Christening of the Prince of Wales Woolwork Picture,  Dated 1842.
Stumpwork Botanical Woolwork Flower Picture, Circa 1880.
English Woolwork Picture of a Bouquet of Flowers, Circa.1875.
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