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Chinese Ceramics
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Chinese Export Porcelain MandarinTankard with Dragon Handle, Circa 1775.
Chinese Export Porcelain Tankard with Painting of a Hanging Flower Basket, Birds and Butterflies,  Circa 1780.
Chinese Export Porcelain Tankard with Lady in a Window, Circa 1775.
Chinese Export Rose Mandarin Garden Seat
Chinese Export Porcelain Large Mandarin Punch Bowl with Turquoise Chicken-skin Ground,
Chinese Export Porcelain Silver-form Dish Painted with Birds.
Chinese Export Porcelain Double Peacock Large Oval Pair of Dishes.
Chinese Export Blue & White Porcelain Chamberstick,
Chinese Export En Grisaille European-subject Plate, 
Portrait of John Cecil, Lord Burghley, PETRUS DE WOLFF PETRFIL inscription.
Chinese Export Porcelain Armorial Pair of Plates, Arms of Clarke of Sandford.
Chinese Export Porcelain Large Blue & White Fitzhugh Dish.
Chinese Export Famille Rose Pair of  Porcelain Dishes,
Chinese Export Famille Rose Porcelain Basin.
Chinese Export Armorial Porcelain Dish, Arms of Pole.
Chinese Export Underglaze Blue Porcelain Rare Hot Water Dish.
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