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Chinese Ceramics
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Chinese Export Porcelain Openwork Plate with Initial  P, Circa 1790-1800.
Chinese Export American Market Orange border Porcelain Sauce Boat, Circa 1780.
Chinese Export American-market Crested Oval Openwork Porcelain Dish with initials MWD, circa 1790-1810.
Chinese Export American Market Porcelain Lighthouse Coffee Pot & Cover, Circa 1780.
Chinese Export American Market Porcelain Teabowl with Arms of The State of New York, Circa 1795.
Chinese Export American Market Porcelain with view of Mansion
Made for Isaac Cooper Jones a Philadelphia merchant, Circa 1825.
Chinese Export Rose Mandarin Dishes of Dragons chasing the Flaming Pearl, Circa 1820-40.
Chinese Export Italian Large Armorial Dish, The Coat-of-Arms of the Marchesi di Sorbello, Circa 1780.
Chinese Export Armorial Porcelain Plate for the Cuban-market, Marquis de Almendares Ignacio Herrera, Circa 1843.
Chinese Export Underglaze Blue Soup Plate, Circa 1750.
Chinese Export Porcelain Armorial Dish with the Coat of Arms of Skinner, Circa 1750.
Chinese Export Famille Rose Large Porcelain Vases & Covers, Circa 1800-1830.
Chinese Export Pistol-Handled Porcelain Vase and Cover, Circa 1770
Chinese Export Rose Canton Porcelain Punchbowl, Cyclical date of 1821.
Chinese Famille Rose Figure of Guan Yin, Circa 1820
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