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Continental Ceramics
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Piero Fornasetti Ceramic Coasters Set, Americana Pattern.
Set of Eight Mid-century Bucciarelli Musical Coasters.
Large Life-sized Austrian Pottery Figure of a Pug.
Piero Fornasetti Gold  Appetizer Dishes on Original Tray,  Spiedi (skewers) Pattern,
Piero Fornasetti Rare Dishes Decorated With Sea Anemones, Urchins & Shells, Conchiglie Pattern,
Piero Fornasetti-Twelve Stoviglie Malachite Plates,
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Recipe Plate-Calcutta Minestone.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Recipe Plate-Ostrich Eggs And Green Peppers Omelette.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Recipe Plate- Iguana And Chicken Breasts.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Recipe Plate-Beautiful Soup,
Piero Fornasetti Porcelain Fossil Dish, Circa 1950s-60s.
Piero Fornasetti Porcelain Plate, Created for the Holy Year 1975 & Motto Rebirth & Reconciliation.
Piero Fornasetti Newspaper Plate, Daily Express,  Giornali (Newspapers), 1950s.
Piero Fornasetti Porcelain Nobel Peace Prize Plate, 1974.
Fornasetti Gold Adam & Eve Porcelain Plates. Circa 1990.