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Portrait Miniatures
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Portrait  Silhouette Profile of Mrs. Graydon, Attributed to John Thomason.  Late 18th Century.
Portrait Miniature Double Silhouette of Two Children Dancing, Circa 1820.
Double Portrait of Children, American, Circa 1840.
Wax Portrait of Queen Charlotte Attributed to John Flaxman, Late 18th Century.
Lover's Eye Miniature, Circa 1830.
English Portrait Miniature of a Child, Circa 1840-50.
Portrait Miniature of A Gentleman Wearing Unusual Eyeglasses, Circa 1845.
An Italian Portrait Miniature of a Lady mounted in a Piqué Tortoiseshell Box, Possibly Maria Anna Elisa, grand duchess of Tuscany, sister of Napoleon Boneparte, Early 19th Century.
An English Portrait Miniature Profile of a man on board, Circa 1820-35.
A Continental Wax Portrait Miniature of a Officer from the Berlin Region, c.1795.
A Rare Portrait Miniature of a Mother & Child, Attributed to Elkanah Tisdale, Circa 1800.
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