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A Fine Portrait miniature of a Young Woman at her Vanity holding a Portrait Miniature. Circa 1810.
An Enamel Portrait Miniature of Sir Walter Scott attributed to William Russell Birch (named on reverse, Circa 1794
A Charming English Portrait Miniature of a Young Child, Probably by James Leakey (1775-1865)  Circa 1810.
An American Portrait Miniature of a Gentleman by John Wood Dodge Dated 1836.
A Portrait Miniature Portrait of a dog by Annie F. Shenton, Circa 1900.
A Portrait Miniature of a Baby mounted as a Broach, engraved SCL Spotswood, Lexington Kentucky, 1862
A Fine Portrait Miniature of a Genleman, attributed to William Patten, Circa 1815-25
A Portrait Miniature of A Mother & Child attributed to Sir William John Newton.
A Continental Oval Portrait Miniature of a Young Woman. 19th Century.
A Continental Portrait Minaiture of a Young Man, 19th Century.
A Continental Portrait Miniature of a Young Woman signed C. Tridon nee Sattler. 1st half 19th Century
An American Silhouette of a Young Woman, Early 19th Century.
A Charming Portrait Miniature of a Young Boy dressed as a Soldier, Circa 1810
A French Portrait Miniature Mounted in a Horn Box. Circa 1790-1800
A Fine Large Anglo-Irish Portrait Miniature of British Officer,  Lt. James Rayner,  of the 70th (Surrey) Regiment of Foot, Signed & Dated by Horace Hone 1789.
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