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An English Portrait Miniature of a Lady by Solomon Polack, Circa 1800.


An English Portrait Miniature of a Lady,

By Solomon Polack,

Circa 1800.

The miniature portrait of a Lady, with bright blue eyes and light auburn hair, is set against a cloudy sky and housed in an oval gilt frame.  The back of the frame is a diamond patterned hair reserve, framed also in gilt, with the initials “HL” in gold filigree.   

Solomon was one of the few Jewish portrait miniaturists.  The V. & A. has two miniatures by him.

Dimensions: 2 5/8 inches x 2 5/8 inches

Reference: A Dictionary of British Miniature Painters Vol, 1 by Daphne Foskett, 452 where she writes:

Solomon 1757-1839

Born in the Hague, 1757.  Worked in England and Dublin probably before 1790.  Exhibited at the Royal Academy and S.B.A. 1790-1835.  Lived at 130 and 158 Strand.  Designed and etched plates for a Hebrew Bible.  He died 30 August 1839 at 8 Park Terrace, Kings Road, Chelsea.

Jewish Historical Society, Vol. XVIII, shows his trade label.