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A Set of Six Italian Black & White Engravings of Shells by Giuseppe Menabuoni & Antonio Pazzi after Nicolai Gualteri, Florence 1742.


A Set of Six Italian Black & White Engravings of Shells,

Giuseppe Menabuoni and Antonio Pazzi after Nicolai Gualteri,

From the First Edition of Index Testarum Conchyliorum.

Florence, 1742.

These framed original engravings are from the first Edition of the Index Testarum Conchyliorum.  Menabuoni and Pazzi were both Italian painters and printmakers and Gualteri was a medical doctor and professor at the University of Pisa whose field of study was molluscs.  He devised a system of classification of the shells for this book which was admired by zoologists such as Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.

Menabuoni's splendid plates reproduce specimens of Gualteri's shells, some of which are still in the collection of the Museum of Natural history and the Territory in the Certosa di Calci operated by the University of Pisa.

They are scientific studies as well as wonderful decorative works of art exhibiting the interplay of the natural textures and shapes of the shells in an Italianate arrangement.

Framed: 19 inches x 15 inches  (40.5 x 38cm)