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British Delftware Archive

A Pair of Large English Underglaze Blue Chinoiserie Delftware Dishes, Probably  Bristol, Circa 1760.
A Large English Underglaze Blue Delftware Dish with Figures, London, Circa 1770.
A Large English Delftware Punch Bowl, London or Bristol, Circa 1740-50.
A Pair of English Delftware Small Underglaze Blue and White Chinoiserie Plates, Liverpool, Circa 1760
A Pair of English Manganese Chinoiserie Plates, Bristol, Circa 1760.
A Large & Rare London Delftware Vase, Circa 1670-1675
A Liverpool Delftware Fazackerly Bowl, Circa 1765.
A British Wet Drug Jar inscribed S: Papav: Err, Circa 1740-70
An English Wet Delftware Drug Jar, inscribed S: Balsam. Circa 1740-70
A Pair of English Delftware Undereglaze Blue and White Flower Pots, Probably London, Circa 1750
A Rare Dutch Delft Doré Imari Tureen and Cover. Early 18th Century
A Rare Liverpool Delftware plate decorated with Lady & Parasol, dated 1749.
An English Delftware Blue & White Colander Bowl with Heart-shaped Decoration, London, c.1780.
A Liverpool delftware Fazackerley plate, c.1760
A rare Bristol delftware chinoiserie dish, c.1760.