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A Japanese Silkwork of the Massachusetts State Arms, Circa 1885.
A Set of Six Chinese Miniature Embroideries, Circa 1880.
A Miniature British Sailor's Silkwork of a Ship, Circa 1870
A Japanese Silkwork made for the American Market, Circa 1880-1900.
A Fine American Folk Art Cigar Silk Quilt, Early 1900's
A Fine Pair of Regency Needlework Pictures of Young Ladies in Silk, Circa 1790-1800
A Japanese Silkwork with American Eagle made for the American Market, Circa 1890-1900
A Fine English Silkwork of a Landscape Scene with Red House and Townscape, Circa 1770
A Sailor's Silkwork Picture of a Royal Navy Sloop Flanked by the Union Jack and the American Flag, Circa 1875.
A Superb American Massive Silkwork Picture of the ship,
An English Regency Large Oval Silk and Wool Picture, Circa 1780-1820
A Pair of China Trade Textile Silkwork Pictures, Circa 1880
An American Small Silkwork Picture of a Yacht by Thomas Willis, Circa, 1895
A Pair of English Silkwork Pictures of Ships, The Earnmount & The Dolbadarn Castle, Circa 1880-90.
A Fine Small Wool and Silk Sailor's Woolie of the HMS Hero, Circa 1870.
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