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A Rare Folk Art Articulated Treen Cat Tea Caddy, Circa 1850.
A Fine Woolwork Picture of An American Eagle and Flag, Circa 1860
A Fine Massive Leeds Pearlware Horse, Circa 1825-30.
A Rare Set of Four Chinese Watercolours of Insects on Lacquered Leaf, Circa 1850
An Engraving of The Cunning and the Sea-Cock by Marcus Bloch, Circa 1780
A Pitcairn Island Flying Fish made by Gifford Christian, Circa 1930's.
A Rare Toy or Mniiature Chamberlain Worcester Tête à Tête Tea Set, Circa 1825.
A Rare English Woolwork of a Great Eastern Railway Steam Train #165, Circa 1885.
An Unusual Staffordshire Pearlware Moulded Jug, Circa 1810-25
An Extremely Rare Charles Tittensor Staffordshire Pearlware Folly, Circa 1790-1810
A Rare Pair of English Pottery Stoneware Obelisks, Chetham & Woolley, Circa 1800.
An English Mahogany Towel Rack, 19th Century
A Fine American Folk Art Cigar Silk Quilt, Early 1900's
A Pair of Large Anglo-Indian Wall Brackets each in the Form of an Eagle's Talon holding a Ring of intertwined Serpents, Circa1880
A Pair of Staffordshire Pottery Lions, Circa 1820-30.