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A Piero Fornasetti Porcelain Ring Dish, Mid-Century.
A Set of Four Vintage Piero Fornasetti Pates,- Sezioni Di Frutta series.
A Model of Greyfriars Bobby-a Skye Terrier, late 19th century.
An English Porcelain Cottage in the form of a Garden Pavilion, Circa 1830.
An English Porcelain Cottage Pastille Burner, Circa 1830.
A Set of Six Piero Fornasetti Plates from the Strumenti Musicali Series, 1960's
Pair of English Earthenware Patented Boot Drying Lasts, Circa 1860.
A Rare Piero Fornasetti Elephant Ear Cook Plate, Made for Fleming Joffe Early 1970's.
A Vintaqe Fornasetti Tema e Variazioni Face Plate #248.
A Fornasetti Atelier Acrylic Occasional Table with Sun & Moon Decoration, 1990's
A Vintage Fornasetti Tema e Variazioni Face Plate #139.
A Fine Pair of Chinese Export Elephant Candlesticks, Early 19th Century.
A Piero Fornasetti Umbrella Stand, Ombrelli e Bastoni, Circa 1950's-early 1960's.
A Piero Fornasetti Recipe Cook Plate, Goat Stomach Sauage, made for  Fleming Joffe Company
A Rare Piero Fornasetti Bullfighter Plate Tori & Toreri Pattern, Circa 1962.