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A Black and White  Erotic Cabinet Plate by Alessandro Merlin.
A Large Alessandro Merlin Portrait Cabinet Dish, Dated 1997.
An Unusual & Important Ralph Cahoon Painting of a Mermaid in 18th Century China- A Mermaid in Canton.
A Piero Fornasetti Malachite Stoviglie Plate, Dated 1955
A Pair of Bimini Lauscha Glass Footed Black Tumblers, 1920-1935.
A Piero Fornasetti Plate Teme E Variazini #52, 1960's.
A Rare Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Recipe Plate Corfam a la Du Pont, Early 1970's.
A Pair of Bimini Animal Stem Martini Glasses, 1930's
A Set of Eight Vintage Fornasetti Sun & Moon Coasters.
A Portrait Miniature Portrait of a dog by Annie F. Shenton, Circa 1900.
A Bimini Glass Grape Cocktail Stand with Cocktail Sticks and Glass Markers, Art Deco Period,  1930's.
A Piero Fornasett i Fleming Joffe- Python A L'Orange Cook Plate, early 1970's
A Set of Eight Piero Fornasetti Musicalia Coasters with Original Box, 1970's.
A Piero Fornasetti Paperwight- The New Key To Dreams, 1950's.
A Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Recipe Plate- Ostrich Eggs and Green Peppers Omelette