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Eglomise Painting  of a Family at Their Dinner Table, Signed Fihser, Sculp, Circa 1830-50.

Églomisé Painting of a Family Group,

signed Fihser, Sculp,


Circa 1830-50.

The Églomisé painting depicts a mother and father with their four children and a baby, sitting at a table eating.  The mother is offering the baby in a high chair a sip of soup from a spoon as the father and another child look on.  Two other children are touching their drinking glasses in a toast.  A French poodle looks on philosophically.

There is great detail of the table such as the pier mirror above a mantelpiece with a clock in front of it and part of a wall candelabra.  Behind the table is a large oval picture of a ballooning scene.  

The picture provided a charming  look at bourgeois life in mid-19th century Austria.

Marks: signed Fihser Sculp

Dimensions: Framed: 13 inches x 11 1/2 inches

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