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Baccarat Opaline Crystal Vase decorated with Birds, c.1843-50.

A Baccarat Opaline Crystal Vases Decorated with Birds,

Decoration by Jean-Francois Robert,

Circa 1843-50.

Opaline vases of this period were typically decorated with flowers, subjects such as the birds on these vases are extremely rare.

The vase is of cylindrical form with flared rim and foot.  The neck with panels of gilt and white flowers within turquoise bands, similarly repeated around bottom of the body.  The foot with various gilt bands.  

The central design consists of several large polychrome exotic birds perched upon leaves and stems.  The birds are large and extremely detailed and well painted, they include several varieties of exotic birds including a parakeet and hawk.

Height: 17 1/2 inches; Depth: 6 3/8 inches.

The painting on these vases can be attributed to Jean-Francois Robert.  

Jean-Francois Robert who developed a technique for painting on glass in the 1830's and patented the process.  Formerly a painter at the Sevres porcelain, he set up a work-shop in Sevres and was commissioned to paint opaline glass from Baccarat and St. Louis.

Condition: Good with some typical rubbing on edge of rim and now with hole                           pierced in base for lamp..

Reference: "Baccarat", Curtis, Jean-Louis, page 292 for an entry on Jean Francois Robert.


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