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Sailor's Woolwork or Woolie Picture of A Lowestoft Lugger,

Large Sailor's Woolwork or Woolie Picture of The Young James,

Circa 1875.

The woolie depicts a fishing vessel know as a Lowestoft lugger.  They were used in the vicinity of the fishing port of Lowestoft.  The ship is named and numbered, "The Young James".

Dimensions: 23 1/2 inches x 30 3/4 inches

The Lowestoft Record Office  (Lowestoft.Ro@suffolk.gov.uk) has written to as as follows- There was no index card for James Young so I checked the list of fishing boats which is arranged by port registration and there were 3 vessels listed as LT

54, the first of which was Young James.

Young James

Registered LT 54

Date of registration 1875-1898


Wooden sailing ketch


64.6 x 18.5 x 8.6

Official number 69826

47.03 tons

Built 1875

Built by F R Pain of Sandwich


1875               James Conolly of Lowestoft

1886               Phil Garbett

1888               C T Day

Additional information:

22 Apr 1875  slipped at Lowestoft

9 Nov 1886    for sale by Bradbeer for Mrs S Connolly due to bankruptcy

18 Feb 1891  ashore near piers in fog

9 Apr 1892     landed crew of Norwegian barque Philotaxe of Krageru

abandoned on Hammonds Knoll

30 Jan 1895  damaged by Replenish in trawl basin

1898               sold to J C W Stanley of London

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