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Antique English First Period Worcester Porcelain Underglaze Blue Blind Earl Leaf Dish, Circa 1765-75.

Antique English Porcelain First Period Worcester Underglaze Blue Blind Earl Leaf Sweetmeat Dish,

Circa 1765-75.


The 18th-century shaped First Period Worcester Blind Earl pattern moulded dish is finely painted in underglaze blue with bugs and leaves.

Dimensions: 6 inches x 5 1/2 inches (15.24 cm x 13.97 cm).


The Blind Earl pattern, with its raised molding, was introduced by Worcester in the 1750’s. The story that the pattern was made for the Earl of Coventry (The Blind Earl), who lost his sight in a hunting accident and asked Worcester to make for him a design that he could feel is erroneous.  The accident dated to the 1770's.

A similar shape was also made at Chelsea during the Red Anchor period (1752-56).

Reference: Worcester Porcelain, Zorensky Collection, Page 458, #623 for an identical dish


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