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Antique English Pottery Underglaze Blue & White Pearlware Loving Cup, Circa 1820.

English Pottery Pearlware Large Loving Cup,

Circa 1820.

Pearlware loving cup with two shaped ear-form handles is well painted in blue and white with two different flowering stems.  The foot is painted with a repeating looping band of flowering grape vines between two thin blue lines.  The outer part of the handle has a repeating band of circles and lines. The inner border has a blue ground band with a fossil pattern and the centre of the cup is painted with the initials  E.A.

Dimensions: 7 1/2 inches high x 9 inches wide x 6 inches deep.



Loving cup

Loving cup- large, two-handled cup, often made of silver, that may take many forms. In the past, at weddings, banquets, or meetings, a loving cup might be shared by a number of persons for ceremonial drinking, symbolizing friendship and unity. Loving cups are often given as trophies to winners of games or other competitions. The French coupe de marriage is a somewhat shallow form of loving cup.




(Reverse side view)

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