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English Lambeth Delftware Plate, William and Abigail Griffith.

English Delftware Plate,

William & Abigail Griffith, Lambeth,

Circa 1760


Manganese decorated Lambeth delftware plate with a simple stylized flower head in the centre and on the rim a band of sixteen repeating open flower heads.

Diameter: 7 3/8 inches.

Reference: Delftware: The tin-glazed earthenware of the British Isles, Michael Archer, P107, colour plate 57, B,35 for a plate with a similar designed border and central flower head but in green, orange and manganese.  On page 134 it is mentioned that Garner found fragments of the border design in Lambeth and also at 129 Lambeth Toad in 1973.


(Example above from the V & A Collection as mentioend in reference

Ceramics Study Galleries, Britain, room 138, case 2, shelf 7)

Lambeth High Street Pottery

(Biographical details)


Lambeth High Street Pottery (manufacturer/factory; English; 1732 - 1793)

Also known as

Lambeth High Street Pottery


Lambeth High Street


The delftware pothouse at Lambeth High Street is associated with potters including Henry Hodgson and Henry Forster (1732-6); William Jackson under Joseph Fortee's ownership (1736-47); William Griffith (1747-61); his widow Abigail Griffith (1761-74); Thomas Morgan & Abigail Griffith (1774-86); and John Brayne (1789-93) who carried on stoneware manufacture thereafter. Delftware products include plates and bowls (matching sherds recovered by Garner are in the V&A), drug jars, cups, chargers, vases and wall tiles.


F.H.Garner 'Lambeth Earthenware', Transactions of the English Ceramic Circle, No.4, 1937, pp 43-56.

F.Britton 'London Delftware' (London, 1987) pp 54-7 7 Col Pl R/S/T.

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