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Vintage Piero Fornasetti Conchiglie Marine Life & Shell Plate, #4,

Vintage Piero Fornasetti Porcelain Plate, #4 in Series,

Decorated With Sea Anemones, Urchins & Shells,

Conchiglie Pattern,

Circa 1960-70s.

(Ref: NY08304-nuc)

The Piero Fornasetti porcelain plate in the Conchiglie pattern with sea shells and sea anemones.

Diameter: 9 1/8 inches

Fornasetti's whimsical and colourful Conchiglie pattern features a different sea creature filling the center well of each plate, surrounded by assorted sea animals, shells, mollusks and fishes. While many of the creatures are realistically rendered, there are a few fantastic animals as well.

The plate is transfer printed and hand-enameled. The craftsmanship is exquisite.  

Reference: Fornasetti: The Complete Universe, edited by Barnaba Fornasetti, page 608, #140 for a black and white photograph of eight plates with similar elements that were developed as prototypes for this series in 1947.

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