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Abraham Palatnik Two-Tone Lucite Owl, 1970s.

Abraham Palatnik Two-tone Lucite Owl,


The large two-tone Abraham Palatnik double-sided owl.  One side in brown, yellow and black and the other side in black.

Dimensions: 10 inches x 4 inches wide x 2 inches deep at foot.

The Brazilian artist Abraham Palatnik (1928) was the founder of the technological movement in Brazilian art and a Pioneer in making Kinetic sculptures. In the late 40th (1949) he created his first “Kinechromatic Devices”. Many an optical experiment followed in the 1950s and 1960s. This figure is part of the Artimis Collection that features hundreds of different figurines. Most are animals, but human and abstract figures can also be found in it.

Reference: See Abraham Palatnik : A Pioneer of Technological Art

by Frederico Morais for a comphensive reveiw of Palatniks life work.


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