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Pair of Derby Pegg-decorated Botanical Porcelain Vases, Circa 1820.

Pair of Derby Botanical Porcelain Vases,

Decoration attributed to William "Quaker" Pegg,

Circa 1820.

Finely painted Derby "crater-form" porcelain vases with continuous richly colored botanical decoration. The vases stand on a square base highlighted with gilt decoration as are the lower body and handles.  William Pegg is considered to be the finest flower painters on porcelain.

Dimensions: 13 inches high x diameter 8 1/4 inches x top 9 inches.  Foot 5 1/8 inches square.

Provenance: Derek Gardener Collection

William Pegg The Quaker.

In Painter and The Derby China Works by John Murdoch & John Twitchett, it is mentioned, page 62-63, that "William Pegg, known as Pegg the Quaker, was probably one of the finest flower painters ever to decorate china.  He was born 10 May 1775 at Witney near Newcastle-under-Lyme, and died on 27 December 1851..."

"By the autumn of 1796 William Pegg had entered into an agreement with William Duesbury II to work for five years at the Nottingham Road works.  During this period, the artist's pieces would normally carry a blue mark, together with a description of the plant portrayed.  

In 1786 Pegg heard John Wesley preach at Hanley in Staffordshire, and by 1800 his religious convictions had led him to leave the Baptists and to join the Society of Friends."  

After finishing his work at Derby, Pegg stopped his painting for religious reasons and went to work at a stocking manufacturers.  After marrying Ann Headley in June 1814, Ann encouraged Pegg to start painting again which he did for a second period from 1813-1820.

See also the exhibition catalogue, Albert Amor Ltd.: Exhibition of Derby Porcelain painted by William 'Quaker' Pegg, 1775-1851.

Derby Porcelain: The Fruits of Perfection,catalogue for Peter Jackson, 1990, page 20 & 21

Cabaret Stars and Illustrious Derby Porcelain, Catalogue for Peter Jackson,

                  1989, item 18 & 19, for further examples of Pegg's work.

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