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Johann Weinmann Set of Six Engravings of Exotic Plants, Circa 1740

Set of Six Exotic Botanical Prints,

from Phytanthoza Iconographia, Regensburg,

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann,

Circa 1740

An outstanding collection of six hand finished engravings of exotic plants from one of the most important botanical studies of the 18th century in decoupage frames. These are original copper-engraving, printed in colours and finished by hand. Published 1734-45 in Regensburg in the great botanical work 'Phytanthoza Iconographia'. This was the first time, that this technique of colour-printing was used successfully on the continent in a botanical series.

Dimensions: 19 1/4 inches x 14 1/4 inches x 1 13/8 inches

The set includes numbers 156, 228, 277, 278, 424, and 780.

In 1737-1745 Weinmann published Phytanthoza iconographia. His great work comprised eight folios with 1025 hand-colored engravings of several thousand plants. Among the artists employed to work on Phytanthoza was Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708-1770).  Johann Wilhelm Weinmann was the editor, Georg Dionysus Ehret et al. made the original drawings and Ehret, Bartholomäus Seuter , Johann Ridinger and Johann Jakob Haid engraved the work.  It was published by H. Lentz and H.G. Neubauer, et al., Regensburg: 1737-1745.  

Weinmann produced one of the most comprehensive and finest sets of botanicals ever. His background as an apothecary is evident in the composition and style of the prints, which are at once scientific (almost herbal/medicinal), and beautifully decorative as well. He used mezzotint to achieve subtle tonal variations of leaves and flower petals. In the Great Flower Books, Satcheverall Sitwell refers to this set as the "pioneering work of botanical prints engraved to be inked in color." Many of the superb plates of this important florilegium are engraved after drawings by the eminent botanical artist Georg Dionysus Ehret, though only a few are signed. A vast number of species are displayed -- over 4,000 plants and flowers depicted on 1,025 plates.

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