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Couroc Tray with Tennis-subject- Love, Set & Match, Circa 1960s.

Couroc Resin Mid-century Tray with Tennis-subject,

Love, Set & Match,

Circa 1960s.

A fabulous large tray in black with a Tennis theme.  The centre with the word LOVE in wood veneer and various words such "deuce", "Game Set Match", "15 30 40, ace" Ad In Out, Serve, Let Ball, Fault- all relating to the game of Tennis.  The "O" of love in the form of a white tennis ball.

Dimensions: 18 inches wide x 12 1/2 inches deep x 1/2 inch high.

Marks:  A gold foil label with:

"Couroc Unique

Couroc serving pieces are cherished gifts because of their variety and beauty of design.  Hand inlaid by master craftsmen, shells, coins, woods and metal are fused into satin black phenolic.  They are impervious to alcohol and boiling water. Wash with mild soap and water.

by Couroc, Monterey, California."

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