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Large American Sailor's Woolwork of a Four-Masted Schooner.

Large American Sailor's Woolwork of a Four-Masted Schooner.

The woolie is of a remarkable size and depicts a portside view of a four-masted schooner at full-sail flying the American flag, signal flags are also seen.  There are three smaller sailing vessels in the foreground.  The sun can be seen in the upper right obscured by a large cloud as the ship comes into land with a lighthouse visible on shore.  The wool is housed in an original mitered pine frame.

The woolie, found in Maine, may be a Maine lumber ship.   In the 1870s and ’80s, Belfast Maine was home to a fleet of handsome, home-built centerboard schooners of shoal draft (to squeeze over the St. Johns River bar), carrying Waldo County ice and hay to Jacksonville. They returned with hard pine shipbuilding timber.

Dimensions: 34 1/2 inches x 48 1/2 inches (Sight: 27 inches x 41 inches).

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