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Bow Porcelain Seashell-form Sweetmeats or Salts with Scallop Shell Bowls,

Bow Porcelain Seashell Form Sweetmeats or Salts,

Circa 1750-52.


The pair of Bow porcelain sweetmeats are painted in underglaze blue and white and are in the form of a scallop shell raised on a white porcelain base of shell and corals.

Dimensions: Height 3 1/2 inches x 4 1/4 inches wide x 3 1/2 inches deep

Mark: one with underglaze blue line to base.


A fragment of the base of a similar salt was excavated on the factory site in 1867.

The Bow invoice of 1749 in the Bute archives mentions “3 pair shell salts …£1 1s 0d”. The bills refer to items of Bow bought by Lord Dumfries for Dumfries House where the porcelain still remains and provides a valuable aid to dating.

Ref: P. Begg & B. Taylor, op. cit., no 174 for a slightly smaller example;

R. Wise Sharp, China to Light up a House, p. 27 for a similar pair with applied shells to the shell dish;

B. Horn, op. cit., p. 87.

Condition: one with a chip at front rim; the second with a hairline on rim and a star-crack to base of interior (see photos)

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