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Wedgwood Pottery Large Painted

Wedgwood Pottery Large Painted Plaque,

The Sailor's Farewell,

Circa 1820.


The large polychrome circular painted plaque depicts a scene known a "The Sailor's Farewell".  The plaque was most likely painted in Liverpool for the maritime trade.

The sailor is passionately embracing his female companion as a ship awaits in a river estuary offshore while a longboat is pulled up on the shore with other sailors beckoning for him to leave.  The scene is set in a woodland setting on a river bank with tall tower seen across the estuary on the far bank.  Generally, depictions of this scene are rather primitive and rarely have as much detail as this one- it is possible that it is outside decorated.

Dimensions: 13 1/4 inch diameter x 1/2 inch depth.

Mark: WEDGWOOD impress to lower front rim.

The following poem is often associated with this image.-

Far from home across the Sea

to Foreign climes I go

While far away O think on me

and Ill remember you.

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