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Sailor's Large Woolwork (woolie) of a Royal Navy Frigate with Trapunto Sails.

English Sailor's Large Woolwork of A Royal Navy Frigate with Trapunto Sails, Circa 1865.

The sailor's woolie depicts a ship, dramatically depicted under sail, on a blue sea under an overcast sky.  The ship's massive trapunto sails adding remarkable scale to the wool.  Dark steam can be seen issuing from the funnel while a  White Ensign flies from the mizzenmast as does a small red and white banner from the mainmast.  The remains of gilded paper letter can be seen below the ship which would have been part of the name of the ship which is now lost.

Trapunto, from the Italian for "to quilt," is a method of quilting that is also called "stuffed technique." A puffy, decorative feature, trapunto utilizes at least two layers, the underside of which is slit and padded, producing a raised surface on the quilt.

Dimensions: 23 3/4 inches x 33 3/4 inches wide (sight: 16 3/4 inches x 26 3/4 inches).

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