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British Sailor's Woolwork Pictures (Pair) with Ship & Flags of Nations, Circa 1875.

British Sailor's Woolwork Pair of Pictures of Ship with the Flags of Nations,

Circa 1875.


The large pair of woolwork pictures are within maple frames, a gilt inner border and a sand colored mat depicting Royal Navy ships- one a starboard view, the other portside view with a full flag surround framing the central roundal surmounted by a crown.  Scattered below are English roses.

Dimensions: 25 3/4 inches x 30 3/4 inches (65.1 cm high x 78.11 cm wide).

The pictures are a true pair with all the details reversed with the ships facing towards each other. The wools have a central round panel depicting a ship on stormy seas with puffed sails and arrayed around the panel are eight flags, four to each side.

On the outside is the United States flag depicted in blue and white below which is an unidentified British flag, the Turkish flag and the White Ensign.  On the inside is the Union Jack, an unidentified foreign flag with green and white stripes, the French flag and the White Ensign.  Above is the royal crown and a stem of a rose and one of a thistle.

Below are scattered three red rose stems.

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