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French Faience Character Toby Jugs, Late 18th Century, Northern French or Brussels, Probably Lille.

French Faience Character Toby Jugs,

Late 18th Century

Northern French or Brussels,

Probably Lille.

The tin-glazed earthenware jugs of a man and woman still retain their original covers.

Dimensions: Height: 12 3/4 inches x 9 inches wide x 5 3/4 inches

The male figure sits on a green tree stump, his hands clasping his large protruding stomach and smug expression on his face, his eyes turned heavenward as is his moustache.  He wears bright stripped britches in yellow, iron-red and blue, his jacket is covered with a repeating pattern of a flower in iron-red and yellow on a black stem with blue leaves and around his neck is a blue ruff.  Around his head is a green hat.  A blue band runs around the rim.  The large green loop handle with black dots runs from his back to the tree stump below.

The female figure similarly sits upon a tree stump.  She wears a yellow underskirt with a white apron with brown spots, her blouse with flowers to match the man the sleeves cut short ending at the elbow. Around the neck is a scarf with large blue flowers and leaves.

Condition: Excellent with typical minor frits.

Reference:  Faience de France, Emile Tilmans,  plate 38 for a similar pair.

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