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Kangxi Period Chinese Blue & White Bowl with Chinese Immortals and other figures, Circa 1700.

Kangxi Period Chinese Blue & White Bowl,

The Eeight Immortals, the Three Star Gods and the goddess Xiwangmu,

Circa 1700.

The circular bowl with a petal-shaped moulded lower section, each petal with a painted plant.  The upper section with a series of twelve different figures- the eight immortals, the Three Star Gods and the goddess Xiwangmu.  The interior with a single figure and a wide border with a series of open flowers on a blue ground.

A Six character Kangxi mark on base.

Dimensions: Height: 3 1/6 inches x 6 1/2 inches diameter.

Reference: A Culture Revealed: Kangxi-era Chinese Porcelain from The Ruitang Collection, page 191 for discussion of thus type of decoration.

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