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British Porcelain
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Blythe Factory Porcelain Artist Colour Sample Plate
Antique Davenport Porcelain Jug decorated with Fruit, Circa 1815-20.
Antique Chamberlain Worcester Porcelain Basket with Sea Shell Border, Circa 1835-40.
Antique English Chamberlain Worcester Large Porcelain Goblet with Painting by Humphrey Chamberlain after Angelica Kauffman's Painting of The figure of Design , Circa 1800-1815..
Antique English Coalport Porcelain Yellow-ground Cache Pots and Stands with Pastoral Scenes of Cows, Early 19th Century.
Antique English Bow Porcelain Underglaze Blue Trompe L'oeil Leaf Dishes, Circa 1765
Antique English Bow Porcelain Underglaze Blue Baluster Tankard, Circa 1760-70.
Antique English Chamberlain Worcester Porcelain Large Botanical Oval Dish, Circa 1815.
Antique English First Period Worcester Porcelain Underglaze Blue Blind Earl Leaf Dish, Circa 1765-75.
Homemaker Pattern Plate designed by Enid Seeney for the Ridgway Potteries,  1960's.
Antique English Chamberlain Worcester Porcelain Pair of Large Shaped Oval Botanical Dishes, Circa 1815-20.
Antique Porcelain Pink-ground Botanical Pair of Plates, Probably Minton or Coalport, Circa 1850.
Antique English Chamberlain Worcester Sea Shell Porcelain Basket and Cover with Gilt Seaweed-ground, Circa 1815-20.
Regency Porcelain Footed Tazza, Circa 1820
Spode Porcelain 967 Pattern Saucer Dish, Circa 1800-10
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