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British Pottery
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English Redware Small Teapot
English Redware Teapot
Blue & White Pearlware 18th-century Coffeepot & Cover
Whieldon-type Rare Lead glaze Creamware Cow
Ralph Wood Figure of A Deer
Wedgwood Pottery Pearlware Scallop-shaped Set of Five Plates.
Scottish Creamware Large Jug Depicting The Columbus,
John Geddes' Verreville Glass and Pottery Works, Glasgow,
Prattware Pottery Footed  Ring Flask.
English Large Creamware Jug decorated with the
Prattware Plate,
Blue Feather-edge Prattware Plate,
Octagonal Prattware Soup Plate, Circa 1810-20.
Pair of Remarkable SpodeJasper Dipped Sprigged Stoneware Vases & Covers.
Dutch-decorated English Creamware Plate,  Onse Live Vrouw Tot Kevelaar (Our Lady to Kevelaar).