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British Pottery
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Antique English Neale or Neale & Wilson Creamware Oval Dishes, Circa 1785-90
Antique English Wedgwood Pottery Pearlware Fox Hunting Jug, Circa 1810-20
Antique Staffordshire Pottery Model of a Cottage with Birds, Circa 1850.
Antique Staffordshire Pottery Pastille Burner in form of Cottage, Circa 1835-40.
Antique Staffordshire Pottery Model of a Cottage, Circa 1850.
Antique Staffordshire Pottery Model of a House in Winter, Circa 1850.
Antique English Pottery Silver-resist Lustre Jug, circa 1820
Antique English Creamware Pottery Figure of a Seated Foal, Circa.1780-1800.
Antique English Creamware Miniature Whieldon-type Model of Lion, Circa 1780.
Antique English Creamware Whieldon-type Tortoise-shell Teapot & Cover.
Antique English Creamware Whieldon-type Pottery Recumbent Dog, Circa 1775.
Antique English Pearlware Toy Pottery Mottled Bird Figure, Circa 1780.
Wedgwood Canadian Series Pottery Plate with Coat of Arms of Montreal, Dated 1913.
Antique Prattware Figure of a Spotted Monkey  Circa 1780.
Antique English Rothwell Pottery Tortoise-shell Creamware Pottery Covered Milk Jug, Circa 1780-1800.
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