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British Pottery
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Antique English Prattware Pearlware Jug decorated with Vine & Scale Pattern, Circa 1800-20
Antique English Pearlware Yellow Ware Regency Napoleonic Jug, Dated 1813
Antique Large Stick Spatter Pearlware Dish, Circa 1835
Antique English Pearlware Pottery Large Underglaze Blue Jug, Circa 1820-30.
Antique English Liverpool Pottery Pearlware Printed Ship Plates England, Circa 1785-95.
Antique English Pottery Variegated Surface Pair of  Bough Pots, Circa 1780-1800.
Antique English Davenport Green Shell-edged Pottery Dishes, Circa 1800
Antique English Wedgwood Creamware Soup Plate with Ship Flying the Flag of the last German Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Francis II ,  Circa 1775-90.
Antique English Yellow-ground Pearlware Basket decorated with Fruit, Circa 1825.
Antique English Wedgwood Set of six Pearlware Botanical Plates, Circa 1870.
Antique English Earthenware Plates Decorated with Fish, Wood & Hulme, Garfield Pottery (Waterloo Road, Burslem)  Circa 1884. Set of Six.
Antique English Pottery Prattware Flask, Circa 1800
Victorian English Pottery Mantle Ornament in the shape of a Cathedral, Circa 1860
English Pottery Pearlware  Parson, Clark & Sexton Jug, Circa 1790-1810.
Antique English Pottery Prattware Toby Jug, Circa 1800-20