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British Pottery
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Early Staffordshire Sheep Spill Vase Group
Early 19th Century Figure of Young Girl Holding and Caressing a Cat, Circa 1800-15.
English Pearlware Pair of Figures of
Early Staffordshire Bocage Figure Group of Gardener and Companion.
Victorian Staffordshire Figure of John Wesley at his Pulpit.
Staffordshire Group of Dandy and Lady
Staffordshire Miniature Figures of Rabbits
Yorkshire Pearlware Watchholder Unusually Flanked by Hunter and Huntress, Prattware,
Staffordshire Tithe Pig Pearlware Group
Yorkshire Pottery Cow Figure,
Staffordshire Massive Pearlware Rare Pottery Group of Shepherd and Herd of Sheep
English Finely Coloured Pearlware Horse, St Anthony, Newcastle.
Prattware Pearlware Large Figure of Horse & Rider, Yorkshire.
Prattware Pair of Sheep and Shepherd and Shepherdess, Yorkshire.
English Redware Small Teapot