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British Pottery
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Antique English Pearlware Printed Blue & White Cockfighting Openwork Plate after H Alken, Circa 1820-30.
Antique Staffordshire Pearlware Blue & White Printed Jug of Grazing Rabbits, Circa 1820
Antique English Wedgwood Drabware Overlapping Leaf Tureen and Cover, Circa 1877.
Antique English Wedgwood Reticulated Creamware Set of Six Dessert Plates, Circa 1790.
Antique English Pearlware Prince of Wales Feathers Pottery Plaques, Circa 1800-1820.
Antique English Saltglaze Cider Jug with Figural Polychrome Decoration, Mid-18th Century.
Antique English 18th-century Salt-glaze Stoneware Heart Sweetmeat or Pickle Dish, Circa 1740-60
Antique English 18th-century Derbyshire Creamware Large Leaf Dish, Circa 1785.
Antique English Wedgwood & Co. Creamware Nautical-subject Shipping Bowl, Circa 1785-1800.
Antique English Wedgwood Creamware Circular Hors d'oeuvres Dish or Pickle Tray, Circa 1790-1800.
Antique English Mocha Pottery Pint Tankard, Early 19th century.
Antique English 18th Century Painted Polychrome Creamware Chinoiserie Tankard, Circa 1770.
Antique English Plain Creamware Large 18th Century Tankard.
Antique English Liverpool Creamware Nautical-subject  Bowl, Circa 1780.
Antique English Neale & Co Creamware Puce-decorated Sauce Tureen, Cover, Stand and Ladle, Circa 1780-5.