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British Pottery
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Antique English Pottery Pearlware Underglaze Blue Chinoiserie Oval Dishes, Circa 1780.
Antique English Creamware Shell- form Rococo Soup Tureen and Cover, Staffordshire or Yorkshire, Circa 1785.
Antique English Creamware Spode Green-edged Baskets & Stands, Circa 1810-20.
Antique English Pottery Underglaze Blue & White Pearlware Loving Cup, Circa 1820.
Antique English 18th Century Creamware Hot Water Dish, Circa 1780-90.
Antique English Creamware Pottery Tortoise-shell Water Jug with Green Banding,
Circa 1790-1800.
Antique English Creamware Asparagus Server Shells, Circa 1780.
Antique English Wedgwood Plain Creamware Basket, Circa 1785-95.
Antique English Creamware Armorial Dish, Possibly Melbourne,The Coat of Arms is that of The Chief of Grant. Circa 1800.
Antique English Wedgwood Plain Creamware Vegetable Tureen and Cover, Circa 1785-1800.
Antique English Pearlware Peafowl Tankard, Circa 1800.
Antique English Pearlware Peafowl Plate, Circa 1800.
Antique English Creamware Whieldon-type Tortoise-shell Octagonal Plate, Circa 1765-75.
Antique English 18th Century Three Tier Pierced Culinary Curds Dessert  Mold, 18th century.
Antique English Pottery Creamware Plate of an American Ship, Circa 1785-1800.