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British Pottery
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Antique English Pottery Pearlware Underglaze Blue Chinoiserie Oval Dishes, Circa 1780.
Antique English Creamware Shell- form Rococo Soup Tureen and Cover, Staffordshire or Yorkshire, Circa 1785.
Antique English Creamware Spode Green-edged Baskets & Stands, Circa 1810-20.
Antique English Pottery Underglaze Blue & White Pearlware Loving Cup, Circa 1820.
Antique English Creamware Asparagus Server Shells, Circa 1780.
Antique English 18th Century Creamware Hot Water Dish, Circa 1780-90.
Antique English Creamware Pottery Tortoise-shell Water Jug with Green Banding,
Circa 1790-1800.
Antique English Wedgwood Plain Creamware Basket, Circa 1785-95.
Antique English Wedgwood Plain Creamware Vegetable Tureen and Cover, Circa 1785-1800.
Antique English Creamware Armorial Dish, Possibly Melbourne,The Coat of Arms is that of The Chief of Grant. Circa 1800.
Antique English Pearlware Peafowl Tankard, Circa 1800.
Antique English Pearlware Peafowl Plate, Circa 1800.
Antique English 18th Century Three Tier Pierced Culinary Curds Dessert  Mold, 18th century.
Antique English Creamware Whieldon-type Tortoise-shell Octagonal Plate, Circa 1765-75.
Antique English Pottery Creamware Plate of an American Ship, Circa 1785-1800.