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Continental Pottery, Faience and Stoneware
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Dutch Delft  Underglaze Blue Dish with Plants and Rockwork, Circa 1760.
Antique Dutch Delft Chinoiserie Polychrome Plate, Grieksche A Factory, Circa 1700-20.
Dutch Delft Underglaze Blue Dish with Inscription, Circa 1760.
Dutch Delft Underglaze Blue Set of Six Peacock or Fan Plates, Three Bells Factory, - Circa 1760
Dutch Delft Underglaze Blue Pair of Plates with Ceramic Urns & Vases, Circa 1760
Dutch Delft Pillow Form Fluted Dish, Circa 1680.
 Dutch Delft Small Blue & White Dishes, Late 18th Century.
French Faience Massive Shallow Basin in the style of Moustier, Edme Samson et Cie, Paris, Circa 1885.
French  Legros D' Anizy Yellow-bordered Soup Plates decorated with Prints of February and October,
A Dutch Delft Tin Glazed Earthenware Imari Vase & Cover of Immense Proportions, Circa 1870.
A French Pottery Pearlware Covered Wet Mustard Pot, Villeroy & Bosh,
Circa 1790-1810
Frankfurt German Faience Blue & White Trumpet-neck Bottle Vase, Circa 1680-90.
Italian Majolica Master Salt In The Form of a Lady with Basket,  Ariano Irpino, Mid-18th Century.
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