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Continental Pottery, Faience and Stoneware
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Set of Eight Mid-century Bucciarelli Musical Coasters.
Large Life-sized Austrian Pottery Figure of a Pug.
Italian Creamware Figural Cruet,  Late 18th Century.
Vintage Ashtray with Dated New York Times Newspaper Tuesday October 7, 1953 headline about World Series and tie between Dodgers and Yankees.
Dutch Makkum Tin-glazed Earthenware Tile Picture of a Cat,, 20th century.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Pottery Set of Six Plates with Black and White Renaissance Spoons and Knifes and Forks, Posate Rinascimento (Renaissance Flatware)1950's.
Continental Marbled Large Pottery Urn. Baltic, Circa 1790.
French Faience Moustier-style Plate, 19th-century.
Continental Terracotta Plaque with Portrait  of a Nobleman wearing The Order of the Garter.
Dutch Delft Large Polychrome Dish, Circa 1760
Dutch Delft  Underglaze Blue Dish with Plants and Rockwork, Circa 1760.
Dutch Delft Large Fan Dish, Circa 1760
Dutch Delft Large Dish withTea Plant Pattern, Circa 1750.
Dutch Delft Underglaze Blue Dish, Circa 1700
Antique Dutch Delft Chinoiserie Polychrome Plate, Grieksche A Factory, Circa 1700-20.
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