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Continental Pottery, Faience and Stoneware
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Dutch Delft Large Dish withTea Plant Pattern, Circa 1750.
Dutch Delft Large Fan Dish, Circa 1760
Antique Dutch Delft Chinoiserie Polychrome Plate, Grieksche A Factory, Circa 1700-20.
 Dutch Delft Small Blue & White Dishes, Late 18th Century.
Dutch Delft Underglaze Blue Dish with Inscription, Circa 1760.
Dutch Delft Underglaze Blue Pair of Plates with Ceramic Urns & Vases, Circa 1760
Dutch Delft Pillow Form Fluted Dish, Circa 1680.
French Faience Massive Shallow Basin in the style of Moustier, Edme Samson et Cie, Paris, Circa 1885.
French  Legros D' Anizy Yellow-bordered Soup Plates decorated with Prints of February and October,
A French Pottery Pearlware Covered Wet Mustard Pot, Villeroy & Bosh,
Circa 1790-1810
Frankfurt German Faience Blue & White Trumpet-neck Bottle Vase, Circa 1680-90.
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