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British Delftware
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Liverpool Delftware Blue & White Spiral  Wall Pockets.
Antique English Bristol Delftware Star Plate.
English Lambeth Delftware Plate, William and Abigail Griffith.
English London Delftware Polychrome Dish, Circa 1760.
English Polychrome Bristol Delftware Dish, Circa 1740-50.
English Underglaze Blue Delftware Dish with Figures, London, Circa 1770.
English Underglaze Blue and Manganese Bristol Delftware Dish,  Circa 1760-70
English Underglaze Blue Delftware Large Dish with Heron, London or Liverpool, Circa 1740-50.
Liverpool Delftware Underglaze Blue Chinoiserie Garden Dish, Circa 1760.
Delftware Underglaze Blue Dish of a Basket of Flowers, Circa 1740.
London Delftware Chinoiserie Large Dish, Circa 1760-80
Bristol Delftware Adam & Eve Dish, The Temptation, (Redcliff Back), Circa 1745-55.
English Delftware Underglaze Blue Dish with Swan, Possibly Bristol,  Circa 1740.
English Bristol Delftware Dish with Distinctive Orange Diaper, Circa 1740-60.
Bristol Delftware Dish decorated with a Basket of Flowers, English, Circa 1730-50.
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