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British Delftware
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Liverpool Delftware Blue & White Spiral  Wall Pockets, Circa 1750.
Antique Liverpool Delftware Fazackerley Cornucopia Wall Pockets, Circa 1760
Antique English Bristol Delftware Star Plate, Circa 1740-50.
English Lambeth Delftware Plate, William and Abigail Griffith, Circa 1765.
English Delftware Chinoiserie Plates, Bristol, Circa 1760
English London Delftware Polychrome Dish, Circa 1760.
English PolychromeBristol Delftware Dish, Circa 1740-50.
English Underglaze Blue Delftware Dish with Figures, London, Circa 1770.
English Underglaze Blue and Manganese Bristol Delftware Dish,  Circa 1760-70
English Underglaze Blue Delftware Large Dish with Heron, London or Liverpool, Circa 1740-50.
Liverpool Delftware Underglaze Blue Chinoiserie Garden Dish, Circa 1760.
Delftware Underglaze Blue Dish of a Basket of Flowers, Circa 1740.
Antique Vauxhall Cross London Delftware Openwork Basket,, Circa 1755.
London Delftware Dish decorated with a Cockerel, Probably London, Circa 1730.
Bristol Delftware Dish Decorated with Birds, England, Circa 1740.
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