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Sailor's Large Double Valentine, Circa 1885.
A Sailor's Woolwork of a Dutch Ship, Circa 1875-95.
A Small Sailor's Woolwork of a Ship
Sailor's Woolwork (woolie) of a Ship of Large Size, Circa 1875-95.
Sunderland Lustre Marine Plaque: Mate Sound the Pump, Morning Noon & Night, Dixon & Co., Circa 1820-40.
Rare Sailor's Woolwork of a First Rate Battle Ship Being Towed by a Smaller Royal Navy Steamship, Circa 1865-75.
English Sailor's Trapunto Woolwork Picture of Ships off the Coast with Lighthouse. Circa 1860-70.
Sailor's Woolwork Large Picture of Five Royal Navy Battleships on Unusual Chevron Sea, late 19th Century
Sailor's Woolwork of the  Royal Navy Frigate H.M.S. Warrior  with White Ensign, Old label with the Makers Name. Circa 1881.
English Double Half Hull Ship Model from T. Withers & Sons, West Bromwich
Large Sailor's Woolwork of British Ships off Land with a British Fort and Cannon, Circa 1865
Sailor's Woolwork of Three Ships, One American, Circa 1865-75.
English Sailor's Woolwork Picture of the Named St. Jean d' Arcre, 101 Guns, Circa 1860-70.
Rare Sailor's Woolwork of Sailors and Companions Dancing, Circa 1865-75.
Sailor's Miniature Silkwork of a Navy Brigantine, Circa 1865.
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