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English Sailor's Woolwork Picture of the Named St. Jean d' Arcre, 101 Guns, Circa 1860-70.
Rare Sailor's Woolwork of Sailors and Companions Dancing, Circa 1865-75.
Rare Sailor's Woolwork of a First Rate Battle Ship Being Towed by a Smaller Royal Navy Steamship, Circa 1865-75.
Sailor's Woolwork of Three Ships, One American, Circa 1865-75.
Large Sailor's Woolwork of British Ships off Land with a British Fort and Cannon, Circa 1865
English Double Half Hull Ship Model from T. Withers & Sons, West Bromwich
Sailor's Woolwork Large Picture of Five Royal Navy Battleships on Unusual Chevron Sea, late 19th Century
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Conchiglie Pattern Plate decorated with Sea Anemones, Urchins & Shells, Circa 1960-70's
Sailor's Miniature Silkwork of a Navy Brigantine, Circa 1865.
Sailor's Silkwork Miniature Picture of a Navy Brig, Circa 1865.
British Sailor's Woolwork Pictures (Pair) with Ship & Flags of Nations, Circa 1875.
Sailor's Wool & Silk Landscape Picture, Circa 1860.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Porcelain Astrolabe Complete Set of Twelve Plates, 1960s
Antique English Wedgwood & Co. Creamware Nautical-subject Shipping Bowl, Circa 1785-1800.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Large Cigarette Box with Ship in a Bottle Design, 1960's.
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