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Chinese Export Watercolours of Sampans on European Paper and of Large Size, Circa 1790-1800.
Chinese Watercolour of a Sampan of Large Size on European Paper , Circa 1790-1800.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Porcelain Astrolabe Plate for 1966 #2 in Series..
Antique English Pottery Creamware Plate of an American Ship, Circa 1785-1800.
Sailor's Woolwork or Woolie of The Lowestoft Lugger, LT484, ,
Sailor's Woolwork or Woolie Picture of A Lowestoft Lugger,
Folk Art Silk and Linen Picture of a Sailing Ship in Landscape, Circa 1930
Thomas Willis large Silk and Canvas Painting of a Homestead, Circa 1885
Sailor's Woolwork -Woolie- of a Thames Barge with banner reading Harry & Nellie, Circa 1885-1900.
British Sailor's Large Woolwork or Woolie of a Five-masted Minotour class Ironclad, Circa 1870
Sailor's Woolie of H.M.S. Emerald Fully Dressed., Circa 1860.
Thomas Willis Picture of the Two masted Schooner Sarah E. Walters
A Large Painting of a View of Valletta Harbour, Malta  Circa 1850
Silk and Canvas Picture of a British Ship in American Waters, Dated 1901.
Sailor's Woolie of the Dominion, Circa 1920
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