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Sailor's Woolwork or Woolie of The Lowestoft Lugger, LT484, ,
Folk Art Silk and Linen Picture of a Sailing Ship in Landscape, Circa 1930
Thomas Willis large Silk and Canvas Painting of a Homestead, Circa 1885
Sailor's Woolwork-Woolie- of a Thames Barge with banner reading Harry & Nellie, Circa 1885-1900
British Sailor's Large Woolwork or Woolie of a Five-masted Minotour class Ironclad, Circa 1870
 Engraving of H.M.S. Blenheim by A. Roublard, Dated 1704.
Engraving of H.M.S. Grande Bretagne by A. Roublard, Dated 1709
Sailor's Woolie of H.M.S. Emerald Fully Dressed., Circa 1860.
Thomas Willis Picture of the Two masted Schooner Sarah E. Walters
A Large Painting of a View of Valletta Harbour, Malta  Circa 1850
Silk and Canvas Picture of a British Ship in American Waters, Dated 1901.
Sailor's Woolie of the Dominion, Circa 1920
Sailor's Large Woolwork Woolie Picture of a Ship, Circa 1875
Antique English Liverpool Pottery Pearlware Printed Ship Plates England, Circa 1785-95.
Antique British Dillwyn Welsh Pottery Pearlware Plate decorated with a Ship,Circa 1811-17
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