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Pair of Remarkable SpodeJasper Dipped  Sprigged Stoneware Vases & Covers, Early 19th century.
Fornasetti Table Lamp from the 'Follia Pratica' (Practical Insanity) Series, Fornasetti for Antonangeli, 1990s.
Johann Weinmann Botanical Engravings of Anemone Flowers, circa 1740.
Piero Fornasetti Paperweight Titled
Chinese Export Porcelain Silver-form Dish Painted with Birds, Circa 1760.
Francois Martinet Framed Bird Engravings, Set of Six, Circa 1770.
Francois Martinet Bird Engraving depiocting a  Martin pecheur Madagascar and a  Martin pecheur de Pondecherry,  Circa 1770.
Scottish Agate Pottery Flask in the form of a Boot, Circa 1840.
Vintage Botanical Porcelain Dishes, Made for Douglas Laurie, Palm Beach Florida.
Chelsea Porcelain Red Anchor Period Vine Leaf Botanical Dish, Circa 1755-8.
Chelsea Porcelain Red Anchor Period Vine-leaf Botanical Dishes, Circa 1755-8.
Francois Martinet Bird Engravings, Set of Six, Circa 1770.
Contemporary Engravings of Feathers, Pair, Milan, Italy.
Set of  Francois Nicolas Martinet Engravings of Birds,
Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux, (Twelve engravings), 1770-86.
Contemporary Feather Engravings, Pair, Milan, Italy.