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Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Porcelain Recipe Plate-Vero-Pig Piccadilly, 1960s.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Porcelain Recipe Plate- Dragon Lizard-Au-Feu, 1960s.
Contemporary Engravings of Feathers, Pair, Milan, Italy.
Contemporary Feather Engravings, Pair, Milan, Italy.
Set of  Francois Nicolas Martinet Engravings of Birds,
Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux, (Twelve engravings), 1770-86.
Painted Coat of Arms on Canvas,  Motto- Esto Vigilans.  18th century. Possibly related to the Lloyd Family.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Porcelain Plate with Calcutta Minestrone Recipe, 1960s.
Chinese Export Porcelain Double Peacock Large Oval Pair of Dishes, Circa 1765.
Piero Fornasetti Malachite Set of Porcelain Plates, (10) Circa 1960s.
Chinese Export Famille Rose Porcelain Wine Cooler, Circa 1765.
Fine Japanese Large American Eagle and Stars and Stripes Textile Picture, Circa 1885-1900.
Horse Head Metal Sculptures, 20th Century.
Piero Fornasetti Le Arpie Gentili Coaster Set of Six and Box, Circa 1960.
Mid-Century Drink Recipe Ceramic Coasters, circa 1960.
Sailor's Woolwork of HMS Nankin, circa 1865.