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Piero Fornasetti Set of Eight
Fran├žois Nicolas Martinet Engraving of A Bird, Merle violet du Royaume de Juda, Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux.
Rare Piero Fornasetti Pottery Fish Plate,  Passata de pesce (Passage of Fish) or Pesci. #6,
Flight, Barr & Barr Yellow Sauce Tureen and Cover.
Fran├žois Nicolas Martinet Engravings of Birds,  Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, 1770-1786, Set of Six,
Dutch-decorated English Creamware Plate,  Onse Live Vrouw Tot Kevelaar (Our Lady to Kevelaar).
Pair of English Pottery Figures,
English Blue & White Pearlware Chinoiserie Pottery Bowl.
William Conlon,
Chinese Export Blue & White Porcelain Chamberstick,
Rare Piero Fornasetti Pottery Fish Plates,  Passata de pesce (Passage of Fish) or Pesci. Set of Four.
Staffordshire Pottery Blue & White Large Chinoiserie Dish..
Set of Piero Fornasetti Opaque White Glass Food Jars and Covers made for Fiat.
German Faience Pewter-mounted Tankard.
German Faience (Tin-glazed Earthenware) Pewter-mounted Tankard, 
Probably Thuringia.